How to Use PicKit3 to Reprogram PIC Chip on L3+ Hash Board?

How to Use PicKit3 to Reprogram PIC Chip on L3+ Hash Board?

In this post, we will give detailed instructions on reprograming the PIC chip on an L3+ hash board using a PicKit3. 

Read on if you’ve already tried the Fix2 fix and your hash boards are still undetected and not hashing. Some of the hash boards used in Antminer L3+ may not be fixable with the Fix2 fix, in which case you will need to try manually reprogramming the PIC. Follow the steps in this guide, and I will show you how.

I. What you will need?

1. The proper hex file.

2. PicKit3. This is the tool you will use to connect to the hash board and program it.

3. The latest version of MPLab x IPE. This is a free-to-use program. Download it onto your PC. This program is what you will use to access PicKit3 on your PC. 

II. Programing the PIC

1. First thing you’re going to do is take a close look at the hash board. Locate the PIC chip itself. Put it under a desk lamp so you can read what type of PIC chip it is. It will either say “PIC16F1704” or “PIC16F1705.”

2. Locate the six connection holes next to the PIC chip on the hash board. The PicKit3 uses these to communicate with the PIC.

3. Open up MPLab x IPE. 

4. Go to the settings tab and click “advanced mode” type in the password.  (The default password is “microchip”)

5. Go to the device dropdown menu and start typing the PIC chip (Either 16F1704 or 16F1705), then click “Apply.”

6. Insert the programming cable from the PicKit3 into the circular pegs on the hash board. (Tip: There is an arrow on the PicKit3. The connection that the arrow is pointing to will be inserted in the square connection point on the hash board.)

7. Plug the PicKit3 into your computer via USB.

8. Click the power tab on the left part of the screen. You will see “Power target circuit from PicKit3” make sure that that box is checked. 

9. Go back to the operate tab. Go down to the device drop-down list, select the PicKit3 and then click “connect.”

10. Check to make sure that the target device (PIC chip) was detected.

11. On the operate tab, go to the hex file, click Browse, and locate the proper hex file on your computer. Once you select it, it should say “Hex file loaded successfully.”

12. Click “Program.” If it says something along the lines of “Device was programmed successfully,” then your job is complete.

13. Go to the device and click “disconnect.” 

14. Then put the hash board back in your miner, plug it in, and test to see if it’s working. 

If you followed these steps using the proper hex file, and your board is still undetected and not hashing, you will have to do more tests. 

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