Troubleshooting for High Rejection Rate of Miner

Note: After the miner is online, due to different environmental and network factors, there will be a high rejection rate, which will cause the hash rate to fail to meet the standard, which will affect the profit;

Rejection rate 

There are three typical troubleshooting methods (it is recommended to test in small batches):

Network troubleshooting: Determine whether there is packet loss in the test network or directly use the miner (extract a miner with a high rejection rate) to move to another network for testing; if the miner shows normal, it means that the network problem is severe; Focus on troubleshooting network failures;

Mining pool investigation: Only when the miner is configured with all data can it go online and generate hash rate data. If the rejection rate is high, replace the mining pool for testing. If part of the miner is replaced, the mining pool rejection rate is low or zero; Can troubleshoot the mining pool;

Miner inspection: If the above two scheme tests are passed, the rejection rate still exists, and carry out the miner inspection. If the site environment permits, a miner of another type or the same type can be selected in the other miner room of the site for online inspection; if the test miner is operating normally, It can preliminarily judge that the miner has a software BUG; you can contact the nearest maintenance center for judgment and confirmation;

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