How does Innosilicon quickly determine the location of the fault through the fault code?

1. Download the batch management tool to the desktop and open it. 

2. Enter the IP range where the miner is located, and click to start scanning.

Enter the miner IP.jpg 

If the miner does have a problem, but the batch tool fails to report an error code, enter the miner log backstage to find the error code. The method is as follows:

log screen.jpg 3. Check the miner failure according to the error code and confirm the fault location.


(1) Every time you perform a solution step, you need to re-power on to confirm whether it is back to normal

(2) If the problem is not solved after replacing each part, the replaced part should be installed back to the original miner

(3) Make sure that the miner to be repaired requires an error code and a simple description of the problem.

Error code


Treatment plan


Over-temperature protection

① Whether the fan is usually working, and whether the rotation direction of the two fans is the same

② Whether the temperature of the air inlet of the fan is too high and move the miner to the lower position of the shelf

Notes: If the problem occurs massively, the abnormal miner temperature shall be taken into top priority.(i.e. local fan failure)


Unable to connect to the mining pool

1. Some miners

① Check whether the pool is configured correctly

② Check whether the network port of the miner is tightly connected

③ Exchange network cables with normal

④ Replacing the control board

2. All miners

① Check whether the pool address is configured correctly

② Check whether the operator's network is interrupted

③ Check the local network setting (such as the setting of DNS,DHCP,ports and other settings)


Battery 12C communication is abnormal

① Restart

② Replace the power supply, you can choose the Lianli Small Steel Cannon PSU 2500W

③ Replace the control board


Abnormal power out put

① Restart

② Replace the power supply


Individual hash boards are not detected

① Check the power supply and cable connection of the hash board, and then plug it in again

② Put the faulty hash boards into one miner or several miners


The data cable connection sequence is incorrect

① Restart

② Check whether the data cable and power cable connection sequence are consistent


Hash board fault

① Power off and turn on the miner after cooling for 10 minutes

② Replace the hash board


Hash board fault

① No treating is needed if the hash rate is normal

② Replace the hash board


Individual chip abnormality

① No treating is needed if the hash rate is normal

② Replace the chip


The Control board or hash board does not match

Replace with the specific control board parts for this model of miner

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