How to solve the Ebit IP address cannot be located?

Fault description: Usually, the miner is connected to the local area network by a switch, and the online miner query and configuration are carried out through the cross-gateway management tool "EbiteMinerMiniV". If the ross-gateway management tool"EbiteMinerMiniV"cannot find the miner, you can do the following:

1. Hardware positioning

You can open the "EbiteMinerMiniV" management gadget, import all miners in the local area network to the "Cross-Gateway Usage" in the "EbiteMinerMiniV" management gadget, check the number of online miners (make sure it does not match the number of miners on the shelf), and then perform the "Cross-Gateway Usage" "Equipment Management"-"Indicator Configuration" to light up all equipment indicators (Note: When all lights are on, all the control panel indicators of the miner are always red. The red lights are always on for three minutes and then automatically extinguished); If there is a device with a red light that is not always on, it is a device that cannot be managed (you can initially check whether the network cable or switch port is standard); the network management operation is as follows:

device management operations 

2. Software positioning

network cable 

Figure: Schematic diagram of hardware connection

Option 1 (direct device connection): refer to the above schematic diagram to connect the miner's equipment. After the miner usually starts, check whether the Ethernet port indicator of the control board is typically lit. After confirming that it is typically lit, open the network management "EbiteMinerMiniV" tool and select "Local Area Network Usage," check whether the direct-connected devices can be scanned generally in the local area network; if the miners can be scanned typically, normal data configuration can be carried out; the operation is shown in the following figure:

The miner scans the backstage 

Option 2 (hard device reset): A hardware reset can be performed if the miner's IP address cannot be found by the above method. The reset button is located on the left side of the control board (Ethernet port). Due to the button-type setting, the reset button is at the end of the small hole; You need to press the reset button frequently. If the reset is successful (reset success is divided into two categories: 1, the red light is always on, and the miner automatically restarts), you can check it in the "LAN Usage" in the network management "EbiteMinerMiniV" tool. The reset button is shown in the figure below:

reset button 

Summary: If the IP address of the miner cannot be queried in the above solution, it can be initially judged that the control board is faulty. You can choose to send the broken control board to the nearest maintenance center or buy a new control board.

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