Power-on and Power-off Guide for the 19 Series PSU

1. The Antminer 19 series power plugs are two parallel trapezoidal sockets. Therefore, it is recommended to use two power cables greater than or equal to 10A.

Antminer fan 

2. When powering on the miner, first plug in the two power cables, and then turn on the two power cables at the same time through the socket switch; when turning off the power to the miner, turn off the APW12 power supply through the switch, and then unplug and plug the power cables.

3. If the two power cables cannot be turned on and off at the same time, when powering on the miner, first plug-in AC1 on the outside and then AC2 on the inside; when powering off the miner, cut off the AC2 on the inside first, and then off AC1 on the outside.

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