Avalon FMS firmware Upgrade

1. Go to Canaan's official website to download the firmware.

Take Avalon1066pro as an example.

firmware download page 

2. Click avalon1066pro/; you will see the following interface and then click app/ again.

page selectiong 

3. Select the upgraded firmware.

version selection 

4. Select the corresponding firmware to upgrade, and the one with plus is a new structure.

firmware file 

5. Download and open the FMS software.

FMS download link

FMS software 

1) Judge new or old structure.

a. Select the miner you want to judge, and then click Diagnose.

diagnose miner

b. Input command[{"command":"version"}],click RUN button.

input command 

c. The one with STM8 is a new structure.

diagnostic result 

2) Enter the main interface, select the miner to be upgraded and click Upgrade.

Upgrade miner

6. Select the downloaded firmware to upgrade, and the same is true for the rollback version.

After selection, click the open button to start the update. After the update, a dialog box will pop up to tell the result. If all upgrades were successful, it would be all upgrades were successful. Otherwise, it will list all the failed IP addresses.

Firmware serial port programming:

Hardware connection:

MM board picture as below:

MM board 

Serial port cables connection TX to RX, RX to TX:

serial port cables connection

Connection circuit the serial port of the MM board before burning. Different boards have different connection parts:

MM board connection position


After connecting, turn on the power and start programming.

Windows ambient burn:

1. Put the burning exe format file and the firmware in the same directory:

burning exe format file

2. Double click the exe file:

burn OK 

Burn OK!

Network upgrade (easy to fail)

Input IP, Username, and password root.

login interfaceOpen the page.

overview pageClick Upgrade.

upgrade pageClick the white box and then click upload to complete the upgrade.

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