Innosilicon A4 SD/TF Card Firmware Update Tutorial

Please go to the official website to download the firmware.

1. Win32DiskImager-0.9.5-install.exe h

2. G5-20-v1.1. 1beta.rar

G5-20-V1.1.1TF.7z: it is the TF-card firmware, which adds the function of solving the internal logging type information overflow issue compared with V1.1.0.

G5-20-V2.1.0SD.rar: it is an SD card firmware. It is optimized and solves the bug caused by the difficulty adjustment on 28th April 2017.

Note: if the old version works, you can ignore these two versions' updates. We take the screenshot below and firmware G5-20-1028 as an example. The installation for each firmware update is the same.

1. The two files are required to upgrade the firmware. Download to computer, install the win32diskimger application, extract another zip file to get a 7.4GB ISO image file.

2. Put the SD/TF card into your computer, open the win32diskimger software. It will automatically recognize your SD/TF card drive letter. If the computer has been connected with two or more external devices,  manually select the SD/TF card drive.

select the SD or TF card drive 

3. Click on the blue folder icon in front of the drive letter path. A path selection window will appear as below. Click on the figure below to identify the drop-down triangle, select the file type to “*.*.”

select the file type 

4. Open the extracted ISO file.

extracted ISO file 

5. Find file path already appears in the Win32 disk imager software.

file path 

6. Click the progress bar below the "write" button below the confirmation window appears, click "Yes."

yes button 

7. Enter the refreshing mode of firmware, with the progress bar starts refreshing.

progress bar 

8. When the progress bar is updated to 100%, a confirmation window appears again; click OK. Withdraw the SD/TF card to complete the firmware update, the updated IP:

update completed 

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