How to upgrade the firmware of Avalon miner?

If the miner's operation, the miner cannot be mining or the backstage of the miner sometimes cannot generate a normal hash rate, miner friends can try to update the firmware (flash) and then restart to solve the problem. However, if the miner is running normally, it is not recommended to flash the miner frequently.


Please follow the operating instructions for installation and use. Do not modify the equipment or replace parts by yourself. Otherwise, it may cause equipment damage or personal safety accidents.

If the miner is running normally, frequent flashing is not recommended.

1. How to check the firmware version?

1) Check the firmware version through the miner backstage;

Log in to the miner backstage, click the Overview interface on the left column, and you can see the marked firmware version number.

 the miner backstage

2) Check the firmware version through FMS software;

the firmware versionCheck whether the firmware version number corresponding to the version is the latest.

Suppose the firmware of the miner is not the latest version. In that case, it is recommended to log in to the official website of Canaan Technology and select the latest firmware version that matches the miner to download.

the latest firmware version 

2. How to upgrade the firmware version?

1) Use miner backstage to upgrade miner firmware;

After the firmware download is complete, we select the corresponding miner IP in FMS that needs to be upgraded;

miner IPJump to the miner backstage interface;

miner backstageClick the Upgrade button to enter the upgrade page;

the upgrade pageClick the Browse button, select the firmware to be upgraded, and click Upload below to start the upgrade;

start the upgradeDuring the update process, there will be a progress bar prompt. After the update is over, restart the miner.

 update is over

2) Use FMS to upgrade the firmware in batches;

If you need to upgrade the firmware in batches, you can directly select the models and quantities to be upgraded in the FMS system;

upgrade the firmware in batchesSelect the firmware of the corresponding model and upgrade it uniformly;

upgrade it uniformlyAfter the update is complete, the system will prompt; if all upgrades are successful, the words "All upgrades were successful" will appear.

upgrades are successful3. LOG page important parameters introduction

When the miner is running normally, we need to pay attention to the LOG page to know whether each parameter is normal. The following are the essential parameters of the LOG page;

LOG page

①Elapsed: Total operating time of the miner (unit: 1 second)

②Ver: The version number of the miner's firmware

③DNA: The miner's unique global ID

④NETFAIL: The time to disconnect from the mining pool and the time to restore the connection after connecting to the mining pool

⑤SYSTEMSTATU: The system's current status, including the working status and the number of hash boards that are working

⑥PS: Power status

⑦GHSmm: Theoretical hash value, in GH/s

⑧GHSavg: The average hash value

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