Reasons for Repeated Restarts of Miners

Why do miners restart repeatedly? Here are a few methods for you to investigate. We hope it can help you.

1. The power-on time is too long.

For the GPU miner: the power-on time is too long. It is estimated that the contact is bad. Remove it, rub the gold finger of the GPU with an eraser, and then test it on the computer one by one. No problem, plug them all in.

2. Virus damage

Soon after there were miners, the miner virus also emerged. When the Internet becomes the main artery of information in today's society, the spread of viruses is more convenient, so it also interferes with and disrupts our normal work from time to time. Earlier, we received reports from customers that the virus was infecting their L3+ control board. In fact, in earlier times, many viruses could automatically restart your miners.

For virus damage, we can download the latest version of the antivirus tool from Bitmain to remove the virus, monitor and manage the miners in batches, scan the IP of the LAN miners simultaneously, upgrade the firmware in batches, and restart the miners in batches to remove the viruses present on the miners.

upgrade the firmware3. The quality of the power strip or power socket is poor, and the contact is poor

Most of the power strips on the market are of poor quality. The internal contacts are manually soldered, and acid flux is often used. This will quickly cause the solder joints to oxidize in the future and cause an open circuit or leakage between the live and neutral wires. Working for a long time will generate a lot of heat and cause a virtual connection. At this time, it will behave as a restart of the miner.

Another possibility is the wall sockets we use. Professionals do not install most wall sockets, so the internal wiring of the socket is very non-standard, and it is easy to cause the miner to restart.

4. Insufficient power or poor performance of the power supply

When we add new miner equipment, it is easy to appear. When the miner is working at full speed, the power supply protection may stop outputting due to insufficient instantaneous power supply power. However, when the power supply stops outputting, the load is reduced, and the power supply restarts. Because the recovery time after protection is short, the performance given to us is that the miners automatically restart.

Another situation is that the performance of the miner's switching power supply is poor. Although the voltage is stable and within the normal allowable range, the harmonic content in the output power supply is too large. It will also cause the miner to crash or restart frequently. In this case, it is normal when we use the Fluke 15b+ multimeter to test the voltage. Therefore, it is best to replace it with a suitable power supply.

5. The fan heat is not bright, or the temperature measurement fails

Miners have poor heat dissipation. The common problem is that the heat sink on the hash board falls off, there are foreign objects on the Hash board, and the miner fan has accumulated too much dust after long-term use. These conditions will lead to poor heat dissipation, excessively high accumulated temperature, and automatic restart.

6. Fan speed measurement failure

When the speed measurement circuit of the miner’s fan is damaged, or the speed measurement line is intermittently disconnected, because the miner cannot detect the speed of the fan, it will mistakenly think that the fan has stopped and automatically shut down or restart. However, we may see that the fan runs normally, and the speed is also measured normally.

It is recommended to use a fan laser tachometer to detect the fan speed. If the fan is damaged, it is recommended to replace it with a new one.

7. Related to the driver crash

This may mean that NiceHash Miner cannot use one or more GPUs. If you want to prevent restarting, make sure that the [Run script when CUDA GPU is lost] option in the advanced settings of NiceHash Miner is disabled.

advanced settings 

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