Read Temp Sensor Failed

Read temperature sensor failure

This is caused by physical damage, and if you don't have the tools and skills you need, you can't repair it.

Although the kernel log reports a problem with the temperature sensor, this problem is rarely caused by the actual temperature sensor failure. It is usually caused by a bad chip on the hash board. You can detect and replace the defective chip by using a test fixture.

Sometimes, PSU failure may also cause temperature sensor failure. Therefore, it is necessary to test the PSU. First, unplug the other two hash boards for testing. If it is invalid, it is not a PSU-related problem.

Troubleshooting a faulty temperature sensor steps:

Check -ve and +ve leads are correct

Check you are using the correct type of cable

Check for local heat sources affecting your readings

Check the setup of your temperature controller/readout

Resolve out of range errors

Resolve Sensor Break/Open circuit errors

Physically inspect sensor for damage

Check temperature transmitter

Test faulty thermocouple with a multimeter

Test faulty resistance thermometer with a multimeter

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