Ebit E10 Miner Hash Board Test Operation Instructions

Test process:

test process1. Start the test process (scan ID test)

Environment Description:

1) Use a banana plug test extension cable to connect the hash board;

hash board connection 

2) The other end is connected to the E10 particular power supply for miners, and the output is about 14V;

miner PSU connection 

3) Start OK, press Enter, log in, username: root, password: e10btc110 [ebbtc119];

user log in interface 

4) Enter the following command to test.

cd /opt/system/

./dwang_btc_miner -fpgatest


0 or 1 or 2 / ************User selection************/

control board test 

6306 /*******Lot number of hash board ********/

Hash board is powered on/************************[The time cannot be too long]**************** ************/

View print display

5) CRT first open and run the tooling program, select 7, 6306 or 6406 [see hash board version batch number], then connect the hash board to the control board, and power on the test.

power on the test 

6) Overall connection diagram.

overall connection diagram 

7) Legend of test steps:

test steps2. Remove the heat sink and brush with silicone grease.

hash board heat sink 

3. 650M scan test.

Schematic diagram of environmental connection: For the convenience of testing, it is recommended to use a cavity to place the hash board.

hash board placement 

Special note: Please use 4 data cables for the power supply wiring of the hash board. The connection method is as follows:

hash board power cable 

Use the test fixture to log in to the CRT, connect the control board IP, and run the following program.

cd /opt/system/

./dwang_btc_miner -fpgatest





00 or 1 or 2 / ************User selection************/

control board test point 

Hash board is powered on/************************[The time cannot be too long]**************** ************/

View print display /*********** Exception analysis processing is the same as E9+ ***********/

test backstage 

Test print parsing:

test result test information 

backstage test result 

Added new features

1. Increase the temperature detection on the hash board when scanning ID and pll. 650M frequency scan core to increase temperature detection.

2. The three slots of the control board can be selected by yourself, which solves the problem that only slot 1 can be used for a control board, and the control board can only be replaced if the slot is damaged. Now the other two slots can also be tested.

The three-way temperature printing and control board can be selected, see document 7) for the test steps legend.

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