How to troubleshoot simple failures of Ebit miners?

This article will explain how to troubleshoot the Ebit miner through network management gadgets and hardware.

1. Troubleshoot faults through network management gadgets

·First, check whether the cables such as the power supply, control board,  data cable, voltage regulating cable, cooling fan, network cable are correctly connected and whether there is any cable fault.

·Whether the added network IP is standard and whether it can be refreshed. It is guaranteed that there is no disconnection and restart or conflict.

·Check whether the miner software version corresponds to the hardware version number (boot) by checking the network management gadget. Check the average hash rate of the 5s hash rate and whether the hash rate of each hash board meets the standard.

·In the working state, check whether the ID, lock frequency (usually 0), the temperature of each hash board (not much difference), and the fan speed (4000~7000) are abnormally displayed.

2. Troubleshooting through the hardware

The 5s hash rate is 0, and the following situations are common:

·Network problems (interrupted or paralyzed network, wrong gadget network parameter settings)

·Damaged power supply (the fan of the power supply does not rotate, the output voltage is not correct)

·Damaged control board (component burnout, program crash)

·Version program does not match (software and hardware version does not correspond or is not the program of this mining machine)

·Data cable problems (data cable oxidation, fracture, or poor contact)

·Damaged hash board (the hash board chip is burned out, or the hardware circuit device is damaged, resulting in standard signal transmission)

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