The guidance of repair 1950 chip series hash boards

I. How to distinguish the model is 1950 chip models?

Currently, M30s+, M30s, M31S+, M31S, M30s++, M50, and several models of M3X hash boards are applied to 1950 chips.

1. If the whole miner is returned for repair, it can be distinguished according to the information on the control board cover; the VE version is applied to the 1950 chip.

 the information on the control board cover

2. If the one needs repair is a single hash board, check the bar code information of the chip at the end of the board; there will be the word "1950" in it.  

hash board information

II. repair method:

1.The circuit structure of the 1950 chip hash board is the same as the 1930 chip hash board; only the chip is not the same. The repair method is the same. Please refer to <<the M3X repair guidance>> for details.


1) The test voltage needs to be set according to the type of hash board. The test voltage =0.31 X (the count of chip groups)

2) CLK signal uses oscilloscope for measurement.

2. The test firmware for repairing 1950 hash board:

The test firmware version needs to be updated to “20210312” or later to recognize the 1950 hash board.

3. The reset command needs to be changed to:

echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio197/value (reset signal sets to low level 0) 

echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio197/value (reset signal sets to high level 1.8V) 

● The original 99 is changed to 197 in the reset command; the other commands remain the same.

III. Chip selection for replacement:

chip selection for replacement

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