Antminer 19 series main control board card swiping precautions

After the control board is successfully swiped, the green indicator light will light up. If only one indicator light is on the control board during the second power-on, please wait for the 30s-60s and then power off, and then power on again, the control board will start usually.

The control board needs to be restarted, and wait for more than 30 seconds to enable the OTP function. After this restart, make sure that the power cannot be cut off during the operation. The power cut will cause the OTP to fail to turn on and damage the control board.

Pay attention:

1. In the process of opening the OTP, if the power is suddenly cut off or the time is less than the 30s, it will cause the control panel to fail to open the OTP function, the control panel does not start (not connected to the network), and the UI (control panel primary control IC FPGA) needs to be replaced. Note that the replaced UI can no longer be used on the Antminer 19 series;

2. If the control panel with the OTP function is turned on, the UI cannot be used on other series of models;

3. The miner that has already opened OTP does not need to be opened again.

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