Innosilicon T2 hash board chip introduction

Innosilicon T2 miner's hash board is special. Instead of connecting the entire heat sink above the chip, each chip has a separate heat sink welded. In addition, you can also see that there are two types of heat sinks with different heights on the T2 hash board. Because the heat sink is directly welded, not screwed on, removing it directly with brute force will damage the ASIC chip.

In addition to the ASIC chip, what chips are on the T2 hash board? Let's have a look!

T1558 chip

Below the two heat sinks with different heights is the ASIC chip of the Innosilicon T2 miner. A single T2 hash board has a total of 68 T1558 ASIC chips. It is used to replace the faulty or non-working ASIC chip on the Innosilicon T1/T2 miner to restore its hash rate and reduce the loss of the miner operation.

T1558 ASIC chip

Chip silkscreen: MPHM3426982

Chip name: MP3426

The MP3426 is a current-mode boost converter in a low profile 14-pin 3mm*4mm QFN package with a 6A, 90mΩ internal switch that provides a high-efficiency regulator with fast response. The chip operates from an input voltage as low as 3.2V and can generate output as high as 35V. In addition, the MP3426 has a programmable frequency of up to 2MHz for easy filtering and noise reduction.

 MP3426 boost converter chip

Chip silkscreen: YA

Chip name: 74LVC2G34GW

The 74LVC2G34GW is a 6-pin SOT-363 packaged SMD double buffer logic chip.

74LVC2G34GW buffer logic chip

Chip silkscreen: A9j84

Chip name: SI9183DT-AD-T1

The SI9183DT-AD-T1 is an LDO linear regulator, 150mA adjustable, 1.5V-5V output power management IC that makes its transistor or field effect transistor (FET) operating in the saturation region subtracted from the applied input voltage excess voltage, resulting in a stable output voltage. Its operating temperature is between -40°C and +85°C, and the operating input voltage is between 2V and 6V.

SI9183DT-AD-T1 LDO linear regulator

Chip silkscreen: GADSIS

Chip name: NCP718ASN180T1G

NCP718ASN180T1G is a 5-pin 300mA, 1.8V, 24V tolerant LDO linear regulator in the SOT23-5 package.

NCP718ASN180T1G linear regulator

Innosilicon T2 hash board chip summary:

hash board chip summary

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