Innosilicon T2TH+ hash board chip introduction

When you see the Innosilicon T2TH+ hash board for the first time, you will find that it is very different from other hash boards. It uses six independent heat sinks on the front and a whole upgraded heat sink on the back. In addition to the heat sink, there are many chips with different functions on the front. So what types of chips are there? Through this article, let's find out together!

Innosilicon T2TH+ hash board

LC2001A ASIC chip

Below this independent heat sink is the Innosilica T2TH+ ASIC chip. The entire hash board has a total of 140 LC2001A ASIC chips.

LC2001A ASIC chip

Chip location: U1

Chip silkscreen: YA

Chip name: 74LVC2G34GW

The 74LVC2G34GW is a 6-pin double buffer logic chip in a SOT-363 package. The wide supply voltage range is between 1.65 V and 5.5 V, and the operating temperature is between -40°C and +125°C. Therefore, the device is fully suitable for partial-power-down applications using IOFF. The IOFF circuit disables the output, preventing damaging backflow currents from passing through.

74LVC2G34GW buffer logic chip

Chip location: U3

Chip silkscreen: MPKG3426971

Chip name: MP3426

The MP3426 is a current-mode boost converter with a programmable switching frequency and UVLO evaluation board in a QFN-14 (3mm*4mm) package with an exposed pad, with a 6A, 90mΩ internal switch that provides a fast response High-Efficiency Regulator. The MP3426 has a programmable frequency of up to 2MHz for easy filtering and noise reduction. External compensation pins allow users to set loop dynamics and use small, low ESR ceramic output capacitors. The device operates from input voltages as low as 3.2V and can generate outputs as high as 35V. In addition, the MP3426 includes an Undervoltage lockout, current limit and thermal overload protection.

MP3426 boost converter chip

Chip location: U6

Chip silkscreen: A9i97

Chip name: SI9183DT-AD-T1

SI9183DT-AD-T1 is an LDO linear regulator with silkscreen A9***, 150mA adjustable in a SOT23-5 package, and 1.5V-5V output power management IC. It is compatible with KF1921 of Whatsminer M21S hash board The chip is LDO power supply relationship, LDO power supply to the chip signal transmission is normal, each layer has an LDO chip power supply, pin 5 output, the voltage is 1.8V, the voltage is divided by 0.9V and then sent to the chip. Its operating temperature is between -40°C to +85°C, and the operating input voltage is between 2V and 6V.

A9i97 LDO linear regulator chip

Innosilicon T2TH+ hash board chip summary:

Innosilicon T2TH+ hash board chip summary

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