Avalon 1047 common faults and solutions

The following faults are derived from the Avalon 1047 miner log. You can check the solution according to the following fault phenomena.

Fault 1: chip BIN code error

A1047 chip error code


The log display of the number 31 chip is wrong. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the chip directly.

Failure 2: The temperature of the chip is abnormal, or the voltage is abnormal

temp and volt fault


The temperature of chips No. 17, 18, and 21-120 are wrong. The working voltage of No. 17, 20-104, and 106-120 chips are abnormal. You need to use the oscilloscope to check whether the chip's CK, C, R, and D signals are abnormal (you can start with the 16 chip), find a chip with an abnormal signal waveform, and replace it.

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