Whatsminer H6 control board firmware burning tutorial

H6 SD card program is suitable for Whatsmin M3x, M2x series.

1. Download and unzip "H6 SD Card Program" from Whatsminer's official website.

burning file download page

H6 SD Card Program file

2. Insert the card reader with the memory card into the PC and run the unzipped PhoenixCard application.

running PhoenixCard application

3. After opening, the following interface will be displayed.

PhoenixCard interface

4. Select the firmware, and select the image file with IMG in the version file.

select the image file

5. Click "Burning Card."

Note: If the card burning fails, first select "Recovery Card," then close it, and then follow the steps 2~3 to cycle. The card burning process takes about 1 or 2 minutes, and the card will display green when the card is burned successfully, as shown in the figure:

burning card page

6. After burning the card, take out the card, insert it into the card slot of the H6 control board, insert it according to the direction shown in the figure, and then power on (Note: the H6 control board does not need jumpers).

insert  burning card into card slot

During the process of programming the H6 control board, the green light is off, and the red light is flashing, as shown in the figure:

programming process

After the H6 control board is successfully programmed, the red light is off, and the green light is always on, as shown below:

successfully programmed

Follow the above steps, congratulations you have completed the H6 control board burning operation.

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