Common faults and solutions of T17e hash board

The following faults come from the Antminer T17e log. If your miner has a similar fault, you can refer to the following methods to troubleshoot.

Fault 1: Chain 3 only find 2 asic

lack of hash board


Your test log shows the main control board does not recognize the ASIC chip of your hash board. So you need to check whether the total domain voltage is normal. If normal, check the RI signal of the chip. If it is found that the RI signal chip is abnormal (you need to check the chip core power supply: domain voltage, 1.8V power supply, 0.8V power supply), be sure to keep the chip core power supply and RI signal voltage correct before repairing the hash board. If the domain voltage is abnormal, repair the three main power sources of the hash board (power input voltage, DC circuit, boost circuit).


PIC error 


The test log result shows a PIC error, i.e., the PIC chip is not working. It is recommended to check whether the cable of the hash board is loose or damaged. If it's good, rewrite the PIC program.

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