Antminer L7 dev init failed - L7 Kernel Log

I don’t know if L7 miner users have encountered the problem of software errors in the backstage log during the miner's operation. How do you solve this problem? Recently we received a faulty kernel log from a miner friend, and the screenshot is as follows:

L7 dev init failed

According to the above log content, the obtained software version is wrong, and the command dev init failed to be repeated. This shows that the PIC of the hash board is not running, which leads to the failure of the miner to start. So how to solve it?


1. Check whether the hash board data cable is loose or damaged.

2. Use a programmer to rewrite the PIC program.

3. Check the output of the PIC chip (the normal voltage is around 3.3V), and replace the PIC chip if the voltage is abnormal.

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