MicroStrategy CEO: Bitcoin will become a $100 trillion asset class

MicroStrategy CEO: Bitcoin will become a $100 trillion asset class


According to sources, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor believes that Bitcoin is the dominant crypto asset network, and "everything else," such as "cryptocurrency," has many risks and uncertainties. Saylor prefers to call Bitcoin "digital property" or "crypto-asset" rather than cryptocurrency. Saylor stated in the webcast that Bitcoin has the highest Sharpe ratio (the Sharpe ratio is designed to measure the ratio of investment return to risk) and the highest compound annual growth rate. He added that the most popular "digital property" globally mitigates the risks faced by large technology companies. Saylor believes that Bitcoin will become a $100 trillion asset class that everyone needs; simultaneously, the energy used by Bitcoin miners is highly sustainable. Last month, Saylor stated that MicroStrategy's Bitcoin holdings had enhanced the company's brand and shareholder value.

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