Coinbase Pro added seven altcoin transactions today

Coinbase Pro added seven altcoin transactions today


The transfer of shared altcoins is already open, so you can already send altcoins to the exchange. 

According to reports, starting from Monday, December 6, Coinbase Pro will begin accepting COVAL, IDEX, MCO2, POLS, FOX, SPELL and SUPER inbound transfers to Coinbase Pro. If the transaction needs are met, trading will begin on or after 9 a.m. Pacific Time (PT) Tuesday, December 7. Now let’s talk about these seven currencies in detail.

Coinbase lists 7 altcoins

The exchange’s statement mentioned that investors could transfer their encrypted assets to the stock market when the seven tokens are opened for transfer.

However, users who want to transfer money only need to send the ERC-20 version of the token. Coinbase went public at customers' request and announced in a statement a few months ago that it would improve the listing process. The company announced that there would be faster and more cryptocurrencies on the stock market, and soon the company added dozens of assets to its system.

Details of newly listed altcoins

Circuits of Value (COVAL) is an Ethereum token that powers Emblem. The Emblem is a platform on which users can create a custom combination of Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, and NFTs as one called Vault's tradable tokens. COVAL can build safes and be awarded to liquidity providers as rewards.

IDEX (IDEX): The native token of the decentralized exchange. It combines an order book and an automated market maker (AMM). IDEX holders can pledge their tokens to help protect the agreement and receive rewards.

Moss Carbon Credit (MCO2): A carbon credit token based on Ethereum. The project's goal is to combat climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Burning MCO2 tokens on the Moss carbon credit platform is equivalent to offsetting one ton of carbon dioxide footprint generated by purchasing and protecting land in the Amazon rainforest.

Polkastarter (POLS): The native token of Polkastarter, a cross-chain fundraising platform based on Polkadot. POLS can be used to pay for transactions on the platform and vote and propose upgrades.

ShapeShift Fox Token (FOX) is an Ethereum token used to manage the decentralized exchange ShapeShift. By participating in the ShapeShift DAO, FOX holders can vote on the future structure of the platform, such as asset integration, products and expenses.

Spell Token (SPELL): Manages the token of Abracadabra. This platform allows users to deposit collateral in the form of interest-bearing encrypted assets (such as Yves, yvUSDT, yvUSDC, xSUSHI). It tries to maintain its value of $1.00. Furthermore, SPELL can be pledged to obtain sSPELL, thereby granting management rights and other rewards.

SuperFarm (SUPER): The native token that provides support for SuperFarm. SuperFarm is a market and platform for issuing NFTs. On SuperFarm, users can earn points exchanged for NFT by staking SUPER. SUPER can also be used to vote for the future direction of SuperFarm.

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