MicroStrategy CEO: The company will continue to acquire Bitcoin, this is the strategy

MicroStrategy CEO: The company will continue to acquire Bitcoin, this is the strategy


According to reports, MicroStrategy has acquired more than 122,000 BTC so far. According to CEO Michael Saylor, the company is now looking for potential ways to "generate revenue" from these holdings. In Friday's Investor Day speech, which outlined potential options for this strategy, Saylor elaborated on the company's overall business strategy. Saylor said that we believe that in the future, there may be opportunities to use it as collateral to generate long-term debt under favorable circumstances. We can use Bitcoin as leverage. Or we think we can lend it to a trusted counterparty. When we find the opponent we trust and the environment we trust, we can lend it out and generate revenue. Or the third possibility is to put it in some partnership. You can think of it as putting it on a lien. If we build a partnership with a big technology company or a big bank, or other people who want to get bitcoin, this may become a good source of income for us. Saylor added, "Or we can develop it; there are some exciting applications. The company will continue to acquire Bitcoin; this is the plan, this is the strategy.

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