Uniswap, Sushiwap and 1inch have all set record highs

Uniswap, Sushiwap and 1inch have all set record highs


Data: Uniswap, Sushiwap and 1inch have all set record highs

According to DeBank data, on January 11, the transaction volume of decentralized exchanges (DEX) hit the second highest in history, reaching 3.170 billion US dollars, second only to the day the DeFi project HarvestFinance was hacked on October 26, 2020 (about US$3.2 billion). Among them, the trading volume of UniswapV2 and Sushiwap, which ranked first and second, both hit a record high. The trading volume accounted for 38.85% and 22.39% respectively, and the trading volume reached approximately US$1.232 billion and US$710 million, respectively. In addition, the trading volume of 1inch, dYdX and Balancer also set historical records.

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