HyperPay wallet and mining machine manufacturer StrongU reached a strategic cooperation

HyperPay wallet and mining machine manufacturer StrongU reached a strategic cooperation


According to official sources, HyperPay Wallet has reached strategic cooperation with the mining machine manufacturer StrongU. StrongU will give priority to HyperPay with the latest mining machine H8. StrongU Miner Hornbill H8 is a new generation of Stronix better than the new generation released in late 2020. Bitcoin mining machine, which runs stably and leads the industry in performance. Shenzhen Sichuangyou Technology Co., Ltd. serves the field of blockchain and artificial intelligence. High-performance chips based on advanced semiconductor technology realize vertical applications in the field of blockchain hardware, including chip design, hardware products, embedded software, PC-side software, and Internet platform development. HyperPay Wallet was established in 2017. It is the first multi-ecological digital asset wallet that integrates managed financial wallets, decentralized self-managed wallets, HyperMate hardware wallets, and co-managed wallets. It provides users with asset deposit management, wealth management value-added, consumer payment, etc. One-stop service.

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