Reddit co-founder joins Bitcoin Shout Camp

Reddit co-founder joins Bitcoin Shout Camp


After Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Tesla CEO Elon Musk changed part of their official account profile to "Bitcoin" on the Twitter platform, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian also joined the yelling camp. And created to promote Bitcoin.

The movement of celebrities in the community promoted the rise of Bitcoin and triggered the rise of Bitcoin price. CryptoCompare data shows that the price of Bitcoin rose from approximately $32,000 to a short break of $38,000.

Reddit has also been cooperating with Ethereum to issue token rewards.

Reddit recently joined the Ethereum Foundation, aiming to provide development resources for extension tools and echo the platform's long-standing "decentralized spirit".

Reddit employee u/jarins wrote in the post that during their cooperation phase, “committed to bringing Ethereum into Reddit’s mass production. Our purpose is to help accelerate the scale and development of Ethereum. Launching such as large-scale community Community technology points and other applications needed."

Reddit will invest in development resources, including the development team, to participate in the project and develop new second-tier scaling solutions for Ethereum. Reddit's Ethereum-based community points may expand to more than 50 million users in the future

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