BM is forming a team to develop a new social media project Clarion

BM is forming a team to develop a new social media project Clarion


On March 2nd, EOS founder BM (Daniel Larimer) updated the code of the new project Clarion on Github. Clarion OS has just started and is in the early design stage. A development team is being formed to build the prototype, and the project will be developed in an open environment. According to the introduction, Clarion aims to provide tools for everyone to spread the news to everyone who wants to hear its news, without having to rely on centralized infrastructure. It will be achieved through a censorship-resistant "friend-to-friend" network that will use unused resources from friends and family to distribute your content. The ultimate goal is to provide the performance and reliability of "centralized services", as well as the freedom and independence of a logically decentralized network. With the help of the Clarion community, people can liberate friends and family from the "tyranny" of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Apple, and Google, and create a social network free from manipulation and third-party reliance. The core of Clarion OS is a friend-to-friend message dissemination protocol, which supports functions such as real-time video and chat between encrypted identities. Using the Web Assembly plug-in, it should be possible to build different types of applications on Clarion OS, including tokens and smart contracts. If the typical Ethereum and EOS smart contracts are considered "layer 1", then Clarion OS can be considered "layer 0".

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