Nvidia CMP 220HX cryptocurrency mining GPU is rumored to reach 210MH/s

Nvidia CMP 220HX cryptocurrency mining GPU is rumored to reach 210MH/s


A few days ago, it was reported that Nvidia might launch a dedicated card for cryptocurrency mining based on the Ampere A100 flagship GPU. It is said that the GPU will become the most powerful CMP chip so far, but the outside world still doesn't know much about its specifications and performance data. Interestingly, @I_Leak_VN just shared a rumor on Twitter, claiming that the CMP 220HX has a computing power of 210 MH/s, and the price may be as high as $3,000.

Compared with the RTX 30 series of Ampere gaming graphics cards, the specifications and cost of the flagship GPU of the Ampere A100 are even crazier.

For example, the price of a PCIe form factor Tesla A100 computing card is about $11,000. But if the price of the CMP 220HX is much lower, the mine owners will obviously rush to it.

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