Chairman of Yibang International: Will phase out non-crypto currency business

Chairman of Yibang International: Will phase out non-crypto currency business


The chairman of Yibang International issued an open letter to shareholders yesterday. In the rest of 2021, the letter mentioned that Ebang International will be committed to increasing investment in high-performance ASIC chips and mining machines and will achieve four important goals on December 31, 2021: 1. Launch 6 nm ASIC Chips and develop 5 nm ASIC chips; 2. Expand global cryptocurrency exchange business; 3. Use proprietary mining machines and ASCI chips developed by yourself to establish or acquire encryption mainly used for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin mining Currency mining farm; 4. Form a more robust business strategy, gradually eliminate business lines that are not related to cryptocurrency, and strengthen its market position in the global cryptocurrency mining and exchange business.

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