Chaincode Labs Launches Beta of Bitcoin-Centric AI Chatbot ChatBTC

Chaincode Labs Launches Beta of Bitcoin-Centric AI Chatbot ChatBTC


ChatBTC is an artificially intelligent chatbot created by Bitcoin development shop Chaincode Labs, which has been trained to answer questions about mainstream blockchains using technical information from "high-quality sources." Bitcoin enthusiasts no longer need to scour the Q&A site Bitcoin Stack Exchange or scour Bitcoin development mailing lists for answers to questions about mainstream blockchain technology. Art Assoiants, product manager at Chaincode Labs, said that ChatBTC is an alternative to ChatGPT, but trained on a specific set of dedicated and vetted Bitcoin resources. ChatBTC uses the same knowledge base as bitcoinsearch.xyz, also developed by Chaincode Labs, drawing resources from the Bitcoin Stack Exchange, Bitcoin Talk, Bitcoin-dev and Lightning-dev mailing lists, Bitcoin Optech, Bitcoin Transcripts, and more.

Adam Jonas, head of special projects at Chaincode Labs, said the service is still in early alpha.

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