Bitcoin mining difficulty reaches 61.03 T

Bitcoin mining difficulty reaches 61.03 T


According to the latest data, Bitcoin ushered in a mining difficulty adjustment at block height 812,448, which has reached 61.03 T. The mining difficulty has been increased by 6.47%, which is the highest record in the history of Bitcoin since its birth. At the same time, Bitcoin’s network-wide hashrate has reached 441.63 EH/s, and it is expected that the next difficulty adjustment will reach 61.17 T.

BTC mining difficulty

These data demonstrate the continued growth and strong hashrate of the Bitcoin network. It can be clearly seen from the chart that since 2010, Bitcoin’s mining difficulty and hashrate have continued to rise.

It is worth noting that compared with October 2022, Bitcoin’s mining difficulty has increased by approximately 71.4%. This rapid growth reflects the Bitcoin network’s hashrate increase over the past year, likely due to new miners joining or existing miners upgrading their mining equipment.

The continuation of this trend means that the Bitcoin network is becoming increasingly robust. But as the difficulty of mining increases, the challenges faced by small miners and individual miners are also increasing.

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