The reason why BTC continues to consolidate is that

The reason why BTC continues to consolidate is that


BTC continues to maintain its volatility. It fell slightly to a low of $8,156 yesterday morning. It recovered slightly in the early hours of the morning and is currently around $8,300. From the perspective of the disk, the transaction volume is not large, which means that the overall trend has not improved. The range of $8200-8400 is the consolidation range, with short-term pressure at $8,500 and support at $8,200. In terms of the US dollar, we must pay attention to the breakthrough points. Before the heavy volume, we are still waiting to see and open the list carefully. As for the overall mainstream currency, the hourly line level rebounded slightly, but the trading volume did not show signs of significant expansion. It intends to follow the BTC link rather than occupying an independent market, but ETH and XRP behave better.

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