The US federal court may produce the first case for litigation of delayed delivery of Bitcoin miners

The US federal court may produce the first case for litigation of delayed delivery of Bitcoin miners


The US federal court’s lawsuit against the delayed delivery of the Bitcoin mining machine is still pending. In this case, the plaintiff Columbia River Technology Company, the defendant Blackkke failed to deliver about $400,000 in mining equipment in time, and the court dismissed the plaintiff’s lawsuit. . . Partial claims, but retain key claims, including the defendant’s agent relationship, to ensure that the case continues to be heard. The defendant Blackhack stated that he did not directly contract with the plaintiff. The plaintiff signed a contract to buy a mining machine through a company called Coin Miner, and therefore asked the judge to dismiss the lawsuit. The US federal court said that Coin Miner had a principal-agent relationship with Blackhack, so Blackhack was related to the case, but would dismiss the plaintiff's claim that the defendant had "inappropriate income." There is no precedent in US courts on how to measure or define delays and losses due to failure to deliver bitcoin mining machines. However, the court in the case stated that “it is too early to dismiss all litigations” and it is expected that the case will become the United States. The first case.


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