Now Italians prefer to use BTC instead of credit card payment when shopping online.

Now Italians prefer to use BTC instead of credit card payment when shopping online.

  • Bitcoin becomes the third preferred online payment method

On October 31, the Italian news media reported that.According to market analysis company SEMRush new data:In Italy’s most popular online payment system approach,bitcoin ranks third,second only to PayPal and Italy's rechargeable prepaid card service PostePay.

The data further shows that,more people use Bitcoin for online shopping in Italy than with traditional credit cards like Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

It is said that Italians use Bitcoin for online shopping more than 215,800 times a month,American Express only uses 189,000 times a month.Visa, MasterCard and other credit cards are close behind, with 33,950 online transactions per month.

  • Paypal and PostePay are in the lead

California-based online payment service Paypal remains the undisputed primary choice for online payments in Italy,about 1.3 million payment transactions per month.Italian payment processor PostePay is close behind,nearly 1.2 million transactions are processed each month.

It is worth noting that,this data does not take into account the number of Paypal and PostePay accounts associated with the credit card.

  • The number of online shopping for Italians is increasing

According to reports, in 2018, the total expenditure of B2C e-commerce exceeded 40 billion euros.In the year, 62% of Italians made at least one online purchase.

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