Bitmain: Legal matters related to the divestiture of "Ant Mine Pool" were completed on May 1st

Bitmain: Legal matters related to the divestiture of "Ant Mine Pool" were completed on May 1st


According to official sources, on July 26th, 2021, Bitmain held a semi-annual shareholder exchange meeting. At the meeting, the company's management introduced Bitmain's recent operating results and business conditions to shareholders and informed shareholders of the progress of the divestiture of the original Bitmain mining pool brand "Antpool", which was approved by shareholders in the first quarter. After that, all legal matters were completed on May 1st, and they are still doing some business sorting and will complete related actions as soon as possible. "Antpool" will independently carry out mining pools and other businesses overseas after obtaining the support of new shareholders. In the future, Bitmain will continue to focus on the R&D and sales of computing power chips and servers based on its technological advantages in chip design, hardware R&D and manufacturing.

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