Bitcoin’s Latest ‘Co-Founder’ Claims Responsibility for Recent Market Plummet

Bitcoin’s Latest ‘Co-Founder’ Claims Responsibility for Recent Market Plummet


A self-proclaimed “co-founder” of Bitcoin has claimed he was responsible for the latest crash in the Bitcoin market. Jörg Molt, German author and former DJ, says he “put the market down” in response to the cryptocurrency community’s reaction to some of Molt’s more outlandish claims.

Earlier today, Molt retweeted another Twitter user facetiously claiming him to be behind the latest Bitcoin price crash. In the last 24-hours, the Bitcoin suddenly shed billions from its market capitalization leaving people guessing as to the cause of the rapid rise in selling pressure. The apparent early Bitcoiner seems to have missed the joke and agreed with the original poster, tweeting that he had dropped the market because of a “shit storm” against him.

Yet Another Bitcoin “Co-Founder”

Molt is almost certainly referring to the online response to footage showing cryptocurrency proponent and podcast creator Kenneth Bosack calling him out at a recent conference. Molt was introduced to speak at the SIMS convention at Symbiosis International University as the “co-founder of Bitcoin,” a phrase that he himself has used on numerous previous occasions online. Bosack followed Molt around one the conference calling him out as a fraud to his face. Molt responded by knocking his Bosack’s cap off.

Molt has also claimed previously to own 250,000 Bitcoin. Presumably, these are from his days at the forefront of Bitcoin development and what he used to crash the market, if you subscribe to that sort of thing.

Fake Stories, Fake Friends

BeInCrypto previously reported about the altercation between the Bosack and Molt, along with the backlash the latter received from the wider cryptocurrency community on Twitter. Joining Bosack in outing the German former club DJ was popular cryptocurrency commentator Andreas Antonopoulos. He claimed that Molt has been sharing a picture of the two, stating that they are “friends”. Antonopoulos staunchly denies any association between himself and Molt. He added:“If you try to use my reputation to boost yours fraudulently, I will use my reputation to reveal your fraud.”

Of course, Molt’s latest market-crashing Twitter claims have also resulted in quite the community rebuttal. One respondent alleged that someone smart enough to have worked on Bitcoin would not cause themselves monetary harm by rising to Bosack’s often in-your-face-antics. Meanwhile, Ari Paul of BlockTower Capital challenged Molt to prove that he had anything like the number of Bitcoin he claims by signing a message with addresses holding more than 100,000 BTC.

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