Check if the Antminers can be used at home

First of all, understand the power consumption of the Antminer and the load of the wire you use.

Most Antminers’ power consumption is above 1000 W. Let’s assume it’s 1600 W. 

  • For a 4 mm² copper wire, the safe load is 35 A (8000 W)

  • For a 6 mm² copper wire, the safe load is 48 A (10500 W)

  • For a 10 mm² copper wire, the safe load is 65 A (14300 W)

Second, understand the power consumption of your home appliances.

Here are some examples:

Electric appliance name

Electric appliance power consumption

Air conditioning 1.5 horsepower

3000 watts

Electric water heater

3000 watts


1000 watts

Rice cooker

800 watts


2500 watts

Drinking fountain

1200 watts

Electric kettle

1500 watts

Third, calculate the power consumption.

Add up the power consumption of all household appliances in the house and the power consumption of the Antminer. If the power consumption is higher than the safe load, you cannot use the Antminer at home.

Note: The sound of the miner may be loud when it is running. It is not recommended that you stay in the same room where the miner is running. Instead, run your miner where the noise will not cause concern.

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