Prevention and treatment of miners facing catkins and high temperature in spring

When spring comes, all miners face two major challenges:

  • The incidence of catkins is high;

  • Alternate cold and hot, the temperature difference is significant, and the weather becomes warmer.

1. The hazards and prevention of poplar catkins.

The time for catkins to appear varies from region to region, generally in March and April. There are white poplar, willow, and other poplars in chronological order, such as small-leaf poplar and Canadian poplar. Beijing is dominated by white poplar. In mid-to-late April, 80% of female willows mature, which is the peak period and generally lasts for about a week.

poplar catkin

The hazards of willow catkins: willow catkins will be scattered in the air. As miners need a lot of airflow for heat dissipation, willow catkins will be sucked into the inside of the miner. Because the radiator structure of the miner is toothed, the catkins cannot be discharged and hang on the radiator, the miner cannot dissipate heat smoothly, which will cause repeated high-temperature protection and even damage the miner.

How to prevent:

  • Increase the fan dust filter. The fan dust filter should choose the thin wire, try to reduce the influence on the air intake. When the dust catkin reaches a certain amount, clean it in time and can not affect the air intake.

  • Check the miner regularly, and observe the inside of the miner through the air inlet fan. If there are catkins and other gatherings, the machine needs to be disassembled and cleaned. If the symptoms are mild, you can remove the front fan and use a brush to clean it, or you can use a dust removal fan to blow in the opposite direction. If the blockage is serious, the miner can be disassembled and cleaned but not mix the boards.

Note: All operations need to be powered off.

dust on heatsink

2. Harm and prevention caused by alternating hot and cold weather

This situation mostly occurs in the cold northern regions.

Hazard: Because the winter temperature in the north is minus 10 degrees to 20 degrees. In the Spring Festival, the temperature began to rise to 10-20 degrees, and the temperature in winter was low, so warm-back measures were basically taken, such as reducing the air intake, changing the reverse direction of the mining machine, and adjusting the location of the mining machine. If the temperature cannot be adjusted back in time when the temperature rises quickly, it will lead to high temperature protection of the machine.

How to prevent:

Adjust in time according to temperature changes. Due to the excessive winter and spring seasons, the temperature changes greatly and the temperature difference is large, so adjustments cannot be made at one time, and adjustments should be made multiple times, and the upper level should be adjusted first. Pay attention to changes in the weather, keep the inlet wind not less than 5 degrees when the temperature is low at night, and the upper layer temperature of the miner cannot be higher than 35 degrees when the temperature is high at noon.

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