What is the impact of high altitude areas on miners?

The characteristics of high altitude: As the altitude increases, the atmospheric pressure decreases, the air becomes thinner, and the density decreases accordingly. These characteristics mainly affect the performance of the miner in the following three aspects:

  • Voltage breakdown

Miners are more prone to fire and breakdown, and the power supply part is severe. Due to the presence of high voltage, fire breakdown damage will increase exponentially.

  • Heat dissipation

The heat dissipation effect of the miner becomes worse, and the thin air causes less heat to be taken away by the same air volume. As a result, the ambient temperature change dramatically impacts the miner and the power supply, making the operation of the miner and the power supply unstable.

  • Product life

The volatilization of materials and lubrication of the miner and power supply fan accelerates, the fan's life is shortened, and the failure increases.

asic miner 

Miner operating altitude standard

To extend the service life of the miner, the miner should be placed in an area less than 2000 meters above sea level.

If your minefarm site is above 2000 meters above sea level, considering the damage to the power supply and fans, it is recommended to keep some replacements and refer to the 2% standard for stocking; if the base of the miner is large, the number of single spare parts is recommended not to exceed 30.

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