Precautions for miner relocation

If the dry season is coming, we will need to relocate miners to other places. To ensure the smooth progress of the miner relocation, here is a close summary of the following matters that need to be paid attention to when relocating miners.

1. Take off the shelf

  • Before removing the shelves, be sure to restore the factory settings of the miners in batches or restore the DHCP in batches (recommended to use the Antpool batch tool);

  • Power off at intervals when off the shelf, do not pull the main gate directly, it is advisable to operate 5-10 miners in a single operation;

  • It should be handled with care when transporting, and cannot be transported violently. At the same time, do an excellent job of electrostatic protection to ensure personal safety;

  • Special attention: The mining farm needs a batch operation to restore factory settings or batch restoration of DHCP when removed from the shelf. Otherwise, the network configuration of the two mining farms does not match, and the miner may not be found. In this case, you should press the RESET button on the miner's front to restore the factory settings, but this method will consume workforce and debugging time.

2. Packaging

  • Use the original packaging materials as much as possible for the packaging of the miner;

  • If you use other packaging materials, you need to use packaging materials that meet the impact resistance standards and take electrostatic protection measures.

3. Transport

  • The transportation should use a formal professional logistics company to avoid the loss caused by violent transportation/lost parts.

4. Rational inspection of the mining farm

  • Before the miner enters the farm, it is necessary to check the power, network, dustproof, exhaust and cold and heat isolation facilities of the mine in advance. 

5. Putting on the shelf for debugging

(1) Refer to "Guide for Mounting and Maintenance of Miners in Low-Temperature Areas";

(2) When powering on, do not power on a large number of miners at the same time, and power on 5-10 miners at intervals;

(3) The miner is easy to condense after unpacking. Please make sure that there is no condensation before powering on;

6. Abnormalities and corresponding phenomena after the miners are put on the shelves

There are mainly 3 anomalies after miners are on the shelf:

(1) The power cord/network cable is not plugged in properly-the miner cannot be found.

(2) The miner cable/power supply is not connected to the copper bar of the hash board-there is no data in the status interface or the hash board is lost.

(3) The fan is loose-there is no data in the status interface.

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