How to clean and dust the Antminer

As the miner runs for a long time, the airflow will bring dust into the miner, and some dust will hang on the heat sink of the hash board. Therefore, it is very important to dust the miners regularly.

The following tools are very useful tools for dust removal for miners.

1. Timing

(1) When it is found that the machine's appearance is seriously falling ash, it needs to be shut down according to the schedule to clean the ash.

(2) When the machine is defective or when the machine is inspected, it is analyzed that dust or other sundries are attached to the computing board and affect heat dissipation.

(3) According to the actual use, the customer will clean the dust regularly (recommended to confirm once a month)

(4) Be sure to shut down the miner when cleaning up the dust and not start the operation.

(5) When the dust cannot be blown out with an air gun due to high humidity, you need to remove the fan, brush off the stubborn dust with a brush, and then use the air gun.

2. Equipment: Recommended use: Air compressor+Air Gun

Air compressor

Ways to clean dust:

(1) Use the air gun to blow the front and rear fans twice gently

(2) Put the air gun close to the fan, be careful not to touch the grille or fans blades to prevent damage, blow every gap for 2-3 seconds and repeat the steps 2 to 3 times.

Working principle diagram of air compressor

If the dust removal fan cannot blow out dust due to high humidity (causing the dust to get stuck), you need to remove the fan to brush off the stubborn dust.

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