Precautions for new PSU

Precautions for using PSU. This applies to all APW series PSUs.

10 Things to do:

1. Since there are more than ten different types of AC power plugs and sockets around the world, we do not sell or provide AC cables/power cables with our PSU. Instead, purchase a power outlet that is compatible with and meets local standards. For example, our APW series use a C13 line (ordinary desktop power cable).

  • The number of power cables must be at least 10.

  • The length should be 1.5 m or less.

  • The cross-sectional area of the copper core of the cable is not less than 1mm 2

2. Make sure that your local voltage and power socket meet the requirements of the power supply and miner. The output voltage of the power socket/socket should meet the voltage requirement of the power supply (starting voltage).

Make sure that the input voltage of the PSU must be between 210 V and 240 V. The output voltage of PSU must meet the requirements of Antminer.

3. Check before use and ensure that the power supply is in good condition and has not suffered any damage during transportation; otherwise, it cannot be used.

4. Ensure that the PSU is adequately grounded.

Check if your miner is properly grounded >

5. Install lightning protection devices; otherwise, lightning strikes may damage all equipment.

6. Install the power supply in a dust-free environment with free air circulation. 

7. Derate the power supply because it can significantly extend its service life. We recommend that the load power does not exceed 90% of the rated power of the power supply.

8. Keep the power supply temperature below 50°C. Every 10°C increase in temperature reduces the half-life of the PSU.

9. Connect the positive and negative poles of the 6-pin connector of the DC power supply to the miner control board and hash board.

Note: yellow-positive; black-negative

the positive and negative of the DC power supply 

10. Also, check whether the power cable at the PSU terminal is tight.

check whether the power cable is tight 

5 Don’ts to follow:

1. Do not plug or unplug the power connector of the PSU when the power supply is powered on. Before inserting or unplugging the plug, make sure to cut off the power first. Arcs generated by excessive DC will damage the DC output terminals and cause a fire hazard.

2. Do not use the PSU in a closed or airtight place. Anything that obstructs the airflow of the PSU is prohibited.

3. The PSU cannot be placed in an environment with high condensation or high salt content and humidity in the air.

4. Do not try to power a PSU that appears to be damaged.

5. Do not disassemble or try to repair the power supply by yourself. If you find any problems with the PSU, Please troubleshoot or contact the nearest repair center for repair.

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