Three disciplines and five points of attention in the operation of miner rig on shelves

Every miner hopes that his miner rig can enter the market as soon as possible, get on the shelf as quickly as possible, and obtain revenue as quickly as possible. However, the reality is that miners enter the site-put on the shelf-debug-run. It is not difficult to achieve batch startup of miners quickly. However, even if the startup is successful, it is easy to encounter various power failures, network interruptions, and loss of hash rate unexpected situations.

According to the mining cycle, the operation and maintenance of a mining farm can be divided into three cycles: miners put on the shelves, daily monitoring, and off the shelves for maintenance. The miners put on the shelves determine the smoothness of the subsequent work process, so special attention should be paid. The miner's shelving process can be divided into network topology layout, routine shelving inspection, IP setting, and shelving debugging according to the actual operation process.

Now I will explain to you how to do every link before the miners are put on the shelves, referred to as the "three disciplines" and the "five points of attention" before the miners are put on the shelves.

Three disciplines

Safety first. There are two levels of content. The first is personal and property safety. Mining farms are located in remote areas, medical infrastructure is insufficient, and factors such as high-voltage electricity and noise are likely to endanger personal and property safety. Therefore, operation and maintenance personnel must hold a health certificate and strictly abide by the operating rules when entering the site to avoid safety risks. At the same time, mining farms should be equipped with appropriate first aid equipment, and relevant people should have basic first aid knowledge.

The second is the production safety of mining farms. Miners and other equipment have strict environmental requirements. Temperature, humidity, air quality, power supply, etc. must be implemented by rated requirements to ensure continuous and stable operation of miners; miners with faults must be in the waiting area after they are removed from the shelves isolate and observe and confirm that it is correct before it can be put on the shelf again.

Efficiency comes first. Efficiency first means that the results of the operation can be quantified during the entire production process of the miners. There are relatively specific time requirements for work links such as loading and unloading, commissioning, operation and maintenance, and maintenance, and the work content is completed within the specified time.

Taking batches of miners as an example, we should distinguish between old and new miners. New miners should focus on checking virus infections and miner failures. Old miners will go directly to the shelf area for isolation and observation to avoid mixing new and old miners from affecting each other.

At the same time, it can use miner bulk tool management software and other auxiliary mining farm operation and maintenance to reduce the difficulty of operation and maintenance personnel and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance.

Standardized work. The operation and maintenance of the mining farm must strictly abide by the operation manual and operation guide and not rely too much on "experience." Furthermore, each position must strictly implement the job content of this position, especially the electrician, maintenance, and other positions that can not be exchanged without permission to avoid loss.

For example, the miners need to be powered off before removing the racks. Handle with care. It is forbidden to carry hash board cables or power cables. Suppose the factory racks are insulated from heat and cold. In that case, the miners who have removed the racks should be dust-proof, moisture-proof treatment, put it in a stable and tidy area in the designated area, and block the space left by the miners to avoid the return of warm air.

Five notes

The topology map is guaranteed to be a tree structure to avoid series connections. The standard mining farm network topology is a tree structure, a hierarchical, centralized control network. The advantage is that it is easy to expand and isolate faults, but in addition to leaf nodes and their connected lines, any node or connected line will fail the system is affected. When building a network topology, you need to avoid connecting miners and routers at the same level in series. Otherwise, the signal will not be transmitted.

The network IP address of the mining farm needs to use the private network IP and reserve the surplus IP. The private network IP is specially used in the local area network of the mining farm, which means that it is not unique on the network. The private IP cannot be used to find the corresponding device on the public network; the public network IP is readily inaccessible under extreme conditions. When setting the network IP, it is necessary to set aside a surplus address for subsequent use by additional miners.

The network of the miner's shelf area and the area to be placed on the shelf must be isolated. When putting miners on the shelf, each IP network segment should correspond to the rack as much as possible, and at the same time, ensure that there is network isolation between the network segment and the network segment, and ensure that the network segments in the internal network do not communicate with each other. At the same time, all miners are divided into the shelf area and the area to be placed on the shelf, and the networks between the two are isolated from each other. Maintenance miners can only be transferred to the shelf area after monitoring the area to be shelved correctly.

Miners need to be sorted and inspected before being put on the shelves. Before the miner is put on the shelf, check the appearance of the miner for signs of violent bumps, shake the miner to see if the heat sink has fallen out, and check whether the appearance of the two fans is damaged or deformed. New miners should pay attention to checking virus infections and mechanical malfunction lights. Miners who are repaired need to wait for observation in the shelf area before putting them on the shelves.

The miner's IP address can locate the miner, but it is necessary to pay attention to the consistency of the network location and physical locations' consistency. Under normal circumstances, the network location of the miner corresponds to the physical location one-to-one. The change of the physical location will inevitably lead to the change of the network location, and the change of the network location does not necessarily affect the change of the physical location. Therefore, the MAC address of the miner can be changed in the actual operation and maintenance. And the SN code identification number is used as a mark to locate each miner accurately.

It is self-evident that the miner’s shelving operation undertakes the physical configuration of the mine’s topological map, electricity, etc., followed by daily inspection and maintenance. However, due to the vastly different conditions of each mining farm and miner, there is also no absolute standard plan for the shelving processing. Therefore, it is still necessary for the operation and maintenance personnel to complete the relevant configuration quickly and accurately according to local conditions in the actual operation.

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