How to solve the problem of frequent disconnection in mining farms?

We all know that mining needs to connect to the network to occupy bandwidth to carry out mining operations, and network problems, ranging from network fluctuations affecting mining revenue while causing miners to enter a shutdown protection state, affecting their service life. Therefore, the operation and maintenance of mining farms are very cautious in network maintenance.

1. How to maintain the mining farm network?

1) The operation and maintenance of the mining farm need to be familiar with the network segment of each rack position and the connection method of the emergency network segment. Then, if an abnormality occurs, it can be switched in time, and the cause can be investigated, and the independent power supply of the switch can be guaranteed. This is also the guarantee for reconnecting quickly in the event of a network outage.

2) Regularly check whether the backup broadband network is normal, separate the mining network from the living network to avoid unnecessary network speed use, ensure the connection stability between the miners and the mining pool, and avoid the hash rate fluctuation. If necessary, it needs to limit the speed of the IP in the living area and deny access to unknown websites.

3) It is necessary to regularly check whether the network delay between the miner and the connected mining pool is stable. Once the delay is higher than 100ms, you must check the internal and external networks. The internal LAN needs to check whether the network equipment is faulty, and the external network needs the broadband operator to check the equipment line.

4) You need to check the temperature of the network equipment. In some cases, you need to consider installing a fan for heat dissipation and avoid putting the network equipment and network cable in the warm air outlet of the miner, because the high CPU temperature of the network equipment will affect the stability and even cause crashes.

Of course, the above four points can only play a "prevention" role, trying to stifle the disconnection signs in the cradle. Therefore, another set of operations is required when the mining farm is disconnected from the network.

2. Common disconnection conditions

Common disconnection situations can be divided into three types: rack disconnection, hierarchical disconnection, and plant disconnection.

1) When the rack is disconnected from the network, the server flashes red, or the running light is always on and is in a dead state. The causes can be roughly divided into the following points: the switch is powered off, and the power supply is restored to repair the network; the switch's network port is damaged, and the network port of the main network cable on the switch needs to be replaced; the switch is faulty, the switch should be checked layer by layer, and the switch should be replaced; If none of the above conditions work, it can be judged that the main network cable is faulty, and the network cable connector or whole network cable can be replaced.

2) When the hierarchical network disconnection occurs, the fault manifestation is similar to the rack network disconnection. The server flashes red, or the running light is always on and is in a dead state. Common failure causes are divided into three points: the corresponding switch is powered off, and the power supply is restored to repair the network; the connection cable between the two switches is faulty, replace the network cable; if the switch fails, the switch needs to be replaced (you need to check the power failure and network conditions first ).

3)When the plant is disconnected from the network, the plant is disconnected, all equipment is abnormal, and the server crashes. Compared with the previous two cases of network disconnection, the probability of plant disconnection is lower, but the impact is the heaviest, so special attention needs to be paid. When a fault occurs, it is necessary to check whether the aggregation switch is powered off and whether the photoelectric converter is powered off; simultaneously, it is recommended that the photoelectric converter and the convergence switch establish circuit and network dual-route protection measures.

In addition to the several disconnection situations mentioned in the article, various unexpected disconnection situations will be encountered in the actual operation and maintenance process. Therefore, the operation and maintenance team needs to adapt to local conditions, analyze and answer the actual situation, and strive to complete the network in the shortest time repair to ensure that the hash rate income is stable and maintained at a high level.

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