How do Miners Choose Mining Farms?

The cheap electricity during the rainy season is the most anticipated by miners and mining farm owners. However, mining farms will encounter many problems during the migration process, and for some mining farms, the cost of relocation is also maybe greater than its benefits. So how do you choose a mining farm? What are the selection techniques for mining farms in the wet season? How should miners choose mining farms?

Before the rainy season, what preparations will the general mining farm make? What preparations will the mining farm make after the rainy season?

Before the rainy season comes, there are many tasks to be done: inspection of electrical facilities, an inspection of the main body of the mining farm, the transformation of the mining farm (adapted to new miners), confirmation of logistics support, etc., which is equivalent to the opening of a new mining farm. After the rainy season, the miners are usually evacuated, and it is enough to make safety protection settings. As the value of miners is getting higher and higher, the hash rate is getting bigger and bigger, and the cost of relocation is also rising.

What are the relocation costs we are talking about: shelf and storage costs, operation and maintenance, mining revenue loss during relocation, repair costs incurred by DOA, and the revenue from mining coins lost due to maintenance power outages. Each relocation is an actuarial calculation, becoming more and more refined. In terms of the trend, the greater the hash rate, the greater the loss of the relocation of miners. Therefore, we cannot simply consider the low price of hydropower.

After the BTC halving, miners, mining pools, and mining farms can be said to be affected. However, if the price does not rise after the halving, how many miners are expected to shut down when it collapses?

There is no data to display the shutdown data directly after the halving because different models match different electricity prices. But according to speculation, the hash rate will be reduced by about 20% after the halving. After all, there is still a low electricity price in the wet period as a buffer. Judging from the current situation, more than 1/3 of the mining farms will face load reduction operations or directly shut down after the halving.

At present, the most common sources of electricity are hydropower and thermal power. Which one is better?

Strictly speaking, the stability and price of these two kinds of electricity are different, and different miners are placed for different characteristics. However, if the mining farm has both hydropower and thermal power, the miners have a wide range of options, and they can also ensure that the miners achieve the highest profit.

When choosing a mining farm, how do miners ensure the safety of the mining farm?

When most miners choose the mining farm custody service, if there are many miners under custody, to ensure the safety of the property, please choose a formal and reliable mining farm.

1. Equipped with electrostatic protection and lightning protection grounding, site power supply grounding, reasonable wiring specifications, and safety measures;

2. There are good ventilation facilities in the mining farm to prevent the excessive heat generated by the miners from running and causing the machine to be paralyzed;

3. The power supply current and voltage are stable, and the network uses at least 100M or above upload broadband;

4. Equipped with static piles, enter the mining farm to remove static electricity from the human body and reduce static electricity damage to the miner.

Ensure the stability of mining farm operation and maintenance

1. Compliant and legally connected to the grid, and the types of electricity are environmentally friendly (hydropower, photovoltaic, wind power, geothermal power);

2. It is necessary to ensure that the five certificates are complete (including land use certification documents, power contracts, mining farm infrastructure planning documents, mining farm electricity planning documents, and tax certificates);

3. Annual regular electricity fee subsidy;

4. The power of the mining farm is stable, with 24 hours of uninterrupted power and uninterrupted network;

5. Equipped with professional computer precision instrument maintenance personnel 24 hours to escort.

What should be paid attention to when choosing a mining farm for miners?

The mining industry has not yet developed into a fully 2C era. High-quality mining farms do not lack customers. Ordinary miners will still encounter many pits when choosing a mining farm.

Some suggestions for everyone:

1. Try to choose old mining farms. New mining farms have more problems. Old mining farms will be much better after running in.

2. Choose a mining farm with a large total load so that there is more room for movement and more stability.

3. Choose a mining farm with a good reputation in the market, and cooperate with the company rather than with the individual.

4. Do not cooperate with the intermediary and directly sign the contract with the mining farmer.

5. Sign a formal custody contract and agree on the responsibilities and obligations of both parties.

6. Choose a reliable operation and maintenance party. You need to know that miners don't need to put on the rack and usually operate to make money. Good mining farms and proper operation and maintenance can make mining smoothly.

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