During the rainy season, what problems do miners often encounter?

For miners and manufacturers, the annual high water period is a relatively good peak season, because in this case, mining has certain advantages for many miners with low-cost electricity. Many large miners Choose to increase the mining industry during the wet season to reduce certain costs. Once the mining window in the rainy season is missed, many miners choose to shut down miners due to high electricity prices. This phenomenon is also undesirable for miners.

For miners, the rainy season is undoubtedly an excellent time to list miners, but even if the electricity price is meager, it does not mean that everything will be fine after we list miners. Because even if we maintain the miners very well in the rainy season, we will encounter various emergencies, resulting in the fact that the miners cannot start the machine or the hash rate does not reach the expected effect.

1. Network problems

For the mining pool, if the mined block is not broadcast in time, it is likely to become an orphan block; for the mining farm, if a network delay occurs, the submitted proof of work is rejected by the mining pool, or If the network is disconnected and cannot establish communication with the mining pool, then the miners will be in vain. Under what circumstances will it appear? When encountering external mudslides and floods. At the same time, landslides caused by heavy rain can also cause network interruptions.

2. Electricity problems

Miners need electricity to work. Only stable electricity can ensure the normal operation of miners. The price of electricity in the rainy season is indeed lower than that of thermal power, but hydropower is not so stable. If the mining farm is in a basin, it will also experience power outages for emergencies. If the rainfall is weighty, this will also result in flood discharge from the dam in many cases. At this time, miners must cooperate with the local government to ensure their safety and smooth electricity transmission. Another is that occasionally the power station will stop power generation and shut down the machines used to repair the power generation. This shutdown period may also cause insufficient power and affect the operation of your miners.

3. Miner problem

The most common ones are hash board failure, broken fan, and broken power cable.

Hash boards are the most frequently faulty. For example, a miner has three hash boards, and each hash board has more than 100 heat sinks. These heat sinks are fixed with solder paste and low-temperature solder paste to the hash board to save costs. However, when the miner is running, if the temperature is too high, the solder paste will melt, causing the heat sink to loosen and fall, causing the entire hash board to short-circuit and ultimately resulting in a decrease in the hash rate of the miner.

Because the heat sink is small and the chip is connected, it increases the difficulty of the miner's repair. Once this happens, you usually need to send it to the nearest repair center for repair or directly replace the damaged hash board with a new one. In addition, temperature and humidity have a more significant impact on miners. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will also cause the miner's hash rate to drop.

In short, although the mining industry has a good business, it is necessary to find a reliable place to protect your miners.

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