What are the power outage and network disconnection impacts on the running miner?

In running the miner, if the miners do not operate the power outage or the network according to the regular operation, what impact will it have on the miner? Let me introduce to you in detail!

1. Power outage

If not necessary, the miner does not need to be powered off. The mining machine is designed according to the characteristics of long-term operation, there is no power switch or shutdown button, and the power-off method is to cut off the power.

If you must power down, keep these two points in mind:

·Do not turn off the miner in a high humidity environment because a lot of heat will be generated during the miner's operation. In addition, after the miner is shut down, the temperature will drop due to condensation and humidity, which will corrode the circuit for a long time.

·Do not turn off the main circuit breaker directly, and power it off one by one in an orderly manner. Due to the high power of miners, batch power outages will cause instantaneous voltage surges to damage miners.

2. Disconnect

When the miner is disconnected from the network, it will automatically reconnect to the network, and after a certain number of reconnections, it will automatically shut down for protection.

·Miners will be shut down for protection after being disconnected from the network for a long time. At this time, the miners are in the same state as the power outage, and the temperature of the miners has changed dramatically. If the miner is in a high humidity environment, it is easy to rust due to condensation. After the network is disconnected, miners cannot mine normally but will still consume power. When the expected disconnection time exceeds 15 minutes, the power supply should be cut off.

·When you plan to disconnect from the network, you should cut off the power first and then cut off the network.

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