Instructions for the safe use of AntSpace HK3 V2 container water cooling system

Note: If the container water cooling system is not used for long, the main power supply should be turned off to avoid accidents.

1. Maintenance Instructions

Only qualified and authorized personnel are allowed to perform maintenance and other operations on electrical systems;

2. Operating Instructions

1) A fire extinguisher should be equipped before the cooling system in the container is started; (the fixed position of the fire extinguisher should be added to the equipment, or there are relevant installation instructions)

2) The equipment must be grounded reliably, and the protective grounding resistance should be verified to ensure continuity, which should be less than 0.3Ω. Otherwise, there may be dangerous situations that cause personal injury or death;

3) The equipment can only be cleaned after the machine is shut down and the power is turned off; otherwise, electric shock or injury may occur. Do not clean the equipment with water and otherwise, an electric shock may occur;

4) Before starting the machine, be sure to check whether the valve (if there is a valve) is open;

5) Operational safety provisions for power distribution cabinets and electric control boxes:

Before operating the power distribution cabinet A/B and the electric control box, ensure that the cabinet door is locked to prevent personal injury such as electric shock. At the same time, avoid the salt spray, moisture, dust in the air, or other conductive substances from entering the interior of the power distribution cabinet and electric control box;

When powered on, do not touch the boards, cables, terminals, modules, sensors, and other equipment inside the cabinet to avoid safety accidents;

In case of malfunction, odor, or abnormal sound, please turn off the main circuit breakers MCB-A1, MCB-A2, and MCB17 of the three electrical cabinets or press the emergency stop button on the container door and two electrical cabinets; otherwise, it may cause electric shock or fire accident;

3. Notes:

1) Non-professional authorized personnel are prohibited from opening the door of the power distribution cabinet;

2) The power distribution cabinet door can only be opened when the main circuit breaker is in the OFF position;

Please read this manual carefully before using this device. If you have any difficulties or questions, please consult the after-sales service in detail.

Note: This parameter is based on the AVIC 1.3 version of the water-cooled container. If your product is from other manufacturers or versions, it may differ slightly from this parameter. This parameter is for reference only.

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