Maintenance of AntSpace HK3 V2 container coolant

AntSpace HK3 V2 container coolant maintenance precautions:

1. As the core unit of the container water cooling system, the coolant is recommended to be tracked and tested regularly, at least once a year (pH value is tested every six months);

2. When purchasing coolant, you need to focus on the relevant parameters in Table and consider it appropriate if it does not meet the requirements;

3. Regular inspection of the coolant should focus on the pH value. When the pH value is lower than 7, it is not recommended to use it (a pH indicator can be added to the coolant. When the pH is lower than 8, the coolant will change color for easy observation); The method is shown in the Table below;

4. Regular inspection of the coolant is followed by the freezing point, ethylene glycol ratio, total hardness, etc.; in the later stage, should pay attention to the content of elements such as Al, Fe, and Cu increases. If it increases, it means that contact corrosion has occurred; the detection method is shown in the following table ;

5. It is recommended to regularly add corrosion inhibitors to maintain the antifreeze according to the requirements of the supplier;

Table 1 Recommended standards for coolant testing


Physical and chemical indicators


Prominent color


No peculiar smell, no sediment, no suspended matter

Freezing point

-45℃ (low-temperature type)

Boiling point

108℃ (low-temperature type)

PH value


Reserve alkalinity

≥4 ml (organic formula)

≥9ml (including inorganic formula)

Total hardness

<120 mg/l

Main element content

















Note: This is the water-cooled container parameter of AVIC version 1.3. If your product is from other manufacturers or versions, it may differ slightly from this parameter. This parameter is for reference only.

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