AntSpace HK3 V2 container system pressurization steps

Squeeze steps:

1. Check again that the exhaust valve plug and the ball valve are closed;

2. Close the No. 7 ball valve (isolate the water tank and the rehydration pump to prevent air pressure leakage);

3. Open all mini ball valves on the water distributor;

4. Use the trachea to connect to any quick-plug interface and close the corresponding ball valve;

system—line connection ball valve 

Figure 1 system—line connection ball valve

5. Use an air compressor to press down to 7bar, stabilize for more than 12h, and check for leaks;

6. The critical inspection parts are as follows:

a) The connection between the push-in connector and the mini ball valve;

b) Quick plug ball valve and bellows connection;

c) The connection between the mini ball valve and the water distributor;

d) The connection between the quick plug and the computing device.

system - chuck connection 

Figure 2 system - chuck connection

system - flanged threaded welded connections location 

Figure 3 system - flanged/threaded/welded connections location

7. The inspection method is as follows:

a) See, hear, and touch to check for leaks;

b) Choose one soap, washing powder, and detergent, add water to make a soap solution, and apply it to the suspected leakage point, especially the interface; the part with bubbling bubbles is the leakage point.

*Note: This is the water-cooled container parameter of the AVIC 1.3 version. If your product is from other manufacturers or versions, it may differ slightly from this parameter. This parameter is for reference only.

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